Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cold Weather, Warm Food

Now that the cold weather is here to stay we crave the warm, comfort foods that we’ve grown up with. We want to get in the kitchen and make our favorite recipes to enjoy and/or share with others over the winter months and especially over the holidays when there are no calories. Yummy soups, breads, chili’s, dips, cookies, pies and family favorites and traditions that take place in the kitchen are some of our best moments and memories. But it has usually come with a price that afterwards sets up a series of depressed mornings when you get on the scale and scream. But now it’s time to see how this new yellowfish approach can help during the holidays.

Just like any other creative effort why should we approach our health and fitness in any other way? In the very changing of our habits is when we start to notice what habits we have and how attached we are to them. For example, my small dog Lucy likes to sit in my lap and play her favorite “fetch the sock” game while I have my coffee in the morning. But lately I have my computer in my lap and as she comes by with the sock I’ll lean over and toss it and then get writing and forget she’s there. Twenty minutes later I’ll look up and notice her curled up in another chair and a lone sock limply sitting by my foot. The ying and the yang are more visible in this example and yeah, it’s only a dog but it’s an example of the impact of changing one routine. It changes all of your routines. It will probably be easier for me to leave the house to write...maybe at the library. But starting with small change is at least starting. 

I thought about this a bit longer. I waited. I listened. I wondered. Then realized I had arrived at a state of calmness and said to myself, “why should this be any different? Why should a new outlook on your health be any different that your new outlook on your creativity? I just need to start by starting and stop beating yourself up about it!” 

I’m heading to the kitchen section of yellowfishcafe.com to see if there’s a place to help get me started. Java! 

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