Saturday, December 19, 2009

Measurements Count, Oh But They Do!

I finally saw the movie Julie & Julia and loved it. The acting by Streep is amazing and there are several scenes where the writing is fantastic. One of those scene’s that has stayed with me is when the three women are in the kitchen working on their cookbook and the topic of measurements comes up. One of the woman, always a slacker, chirps from her chair to the others working diligently that measurements aren’t really necessary for inclusion in the recipes. Julia/Streep stops what she’s doing, picks up a large measuring cup and shakes it at the woman’s face bellowing, “Oh no, they dooo count, they absolutely doooo!”

Listen to the statement for just a minute longer. Measurements count.

I like to consider the measurements of the intangibles. How does this or that measure up to you? Is it art? Is he a good person? Did you have a good day today, dear? Throw out the discussion of houses, cars and bank accounts. Measurements have to do with the quality of light through a lens of love, the memories inside your quiet hours, the gentle touch from your lover and/or a pat on the head of your dog, a warm smile to an old person sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, the taste of the food cooked with love and the soft laughter shared over an inside joke between your closest friends. Can you feel it? Absolutely! Can you measure it? Only when it’s gone.

So lets fill up our measuring cups this holiday season and share them with those we love and those that need it most.  Let's enjoy our last few days of the year listening and really seeing what the season is all about and reflecting on what is important in our lives. I hope you find the time you need to follow your passions in the new year. Love ya!

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