Sunday, January 24, 2010

His Head is in the Clouds

Clouds. They capture our imagination. These wide expanse of shapes and colors are ever changing and evolving. They travel with us through life and sometimes they lift us up and take us along. When was the last time you got lost in the clouds? If you haven't seen Kelly DeLay's Clouds365 project I highly recommend a visit to his site.  

I became aware of his project through Facebook and went to his website today after seeing his blog post. I was amazed to find a vast catalog of stunning cloud photography. And walking through his site you feel his passion and commitment everywhere. If you have time read his inspiring "about" page where he shares not just what he is doing but why,  

"After years of neglecting my creative drive in favor of business and management, making this commitment to art is a welcome chance to turn back to something I love."

Sound familiar? He is certainly reaching for the yellowfish line!  

Here are the links but watch out, you may get lost in the clouds. Enjoy!

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