Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Great Week of Art Happenings!

On March 11th the U.S.P.S. will release a new set of stamps honoring abstract expressionist artists! Does this indicate a renewed interest in the world of abstract art in America? I’m not sure but I find it a wonderful coincidence that it happens now and that somehow I became aware of it.  I no longer believe these things just bump into you as if by accident. When your mind is focused and you’ve been able to calm the rest of your world you are better able to see the color, shapes and details of your lives and thus your internal radar is on high alert without you even realizing it. Until it stops you in your tracks that is. 

Sometimes it’s a sound that stops you as it did to me yesterday. I was approaching the dune walk over during my volunteer right whale survey session when I heard a lone bird loudly calling is if by the top of its lungs. I thought I recognized it as a cardinal and immediately reached for my camera (yes, I now take it with me everywhere) and started scanning the brush ahead of me. There it was. All by itself. A bright red shape in the midst of the dark blues and greens of the palmetto plants.  I was able to get two quick shots off then it flew away and while I was out there for another hour I never heard or saw him again. But it made a wonderful and memorable mark on my soul if just for a few minutes.

Speaking of great marks coming up this weekend at the Hollingsworth Gallery is the 1st Annual Member’s Art Exhibition! Come out to the gallery located in Palm Coast at City Walk (off of Cypress Point Pkwy) on Saturday, March 13 between 6 and 9 pm for the opening reception and see some of the finest art and artists in the world right here in Palm Coast, FL!  And if you’re not able to make the opening the show will be up through April. Enjoy yellowfishing and Java!


  1. hi christine.........i tapped into your blog and really enjoyed it.........looks like a lot of work but thanks for sharing...your work and writings are beautiful......i'll see you monday in class.......eva

  2. Thanks, Eva!! Your paintings and color palette inspire me. See you at the Studio!


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