Thursday, April 1, 2010

Getting Closer Every Day

Work in Progress 1 - Oil on Wood Panel

After three months of being in the studio almost daily and stretching myself to learn as much as I can about paint, mediums, surfaces and textures I was painting yesterday when many things just seemed to come together for me as if it was meant to happen. Maybe this is how it happens especially after those days when things don't seem to be progressing as much as you'd like and then pow. It's not so much about what these two works in progresss (WIP) look like as it is about how I was painting - with confidence and no hesitation, using a pre-determined color palette of analogous colors with some new mediums and for the first time on large wood panels - and then, then the magic started to happen. 

As I quickly prepared the underpainting I stopped for a brief moment and watched the paint dripping down the panel and it completely caught my breath and took hold of me. I quickly worked my way up and back down and side to side moving quickly between the palette, pouring more terp and rotating brushes as if I had done this a million times before. I was painting on the easel then moved to the floor and stood over while painting. As I let the paint set I immediately pulled out the 30 x 40 panel and began another one, going a bit richer and using an additional medium to vary the consistency of the drip. I spent the rest of four hours painting on anything I could find and will share the others with you in a few days.

It was amazing. This part of being in the yellowfish zone showed me that much of the process is about trusting your instincts and is proving that time spent on your passions even if just a few minutes a day or a few hours on the weekend or like me a few hours almost every day can fill or refill your creative spirit and take you on an amazing journey.  If you haven't had time recently to spend on your own passion here's a nudge. Just put up your "Gone Yellowfishing" sign and take off for a few hours by yourself. Believe me, it will be well worth the effort. Java!

Work in Progress 2 - 30 x 40 Oil on Wood Panel

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