Monday, April 12, 2010

Rethinking Portraits

    18 x 24" Oil on Masonite Panel

At some point I walked, no ran away from drawing portraits. Even through all the years of landscaping painting I never considered adding people to the composition. Why? Because I closed that door long ago (high school? college?)  knowing I just didn't have the talent. Then came the amazing teaching style of John (J.J.) Graham at Hollingsworth Gallery. There is no pre-drawing and while we are studying the portraits of the masters this is followed by a re-paint with a contemporary brush and work to make it our own. 

This one was completed at todays class and after starting a third I went home with a sense of wonder and yes, a changed mind. I now plan to attempt a larger piece and soon a full scale figure. I can't wait. Thanks, J.J.! 

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