Monday, August 23, 2010

Ready for Another Art Reality Show?

Whether you liked Bravo TV's recent show, "Work of Art" it appears art in reality tv is taking hold as Ovation TV premieres "Art Race" tonight at 8pm ET.  I couldn't find a complete synopsis on their website so here's the show episode description, 
"Two artists have 40 days to make it across the country. The catch? They have no money; the only currency they'll be permitted to use is their artwork. This episode introduces our contestants, sculptor Ben Sargent, who attempts to earn his first bit of cash with a triptych created outside Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art, and classical painter Kenny Harris, who does some pet portraiture to earn money for the first leg of his trip." Hmm. I wonder what they are racing for? Will they get their own show? Stay tuned...

But hey wait a minute...why watch this when I'm living my own art reality show, right? So yes, it's so wonderful to be back at Hollingsworth Gallery and the teaching studio - definitely feels like home. The notable changes that have taken place in just a few short weeks are nothing short of amazing and most notable is the new work of J.J. Graham (!!!) and the gallery's current show, "Music is the Muse" has some of the best artwork I've seen in years. Please, if you live in the area, you must stop by and see it for yourself and hey - they say now is a great time to invest in art so buying a piece or two is something to consider...if you can swing it.

Speaking of amazing, stop-you-in-your-tracks easily and quickly we forget the beauty that surrounds us every day!?! Today, after my gallery visit and first class where I learned a really cool new way to make mono prints, I made a quick stop at Wal-Mart before heading home. While I was racing out into the parking lot with the usual M-O of just looking down at my feet while dodging carts, cars and teems of people (and trying to remember where I parked) something made me stop in my tracks and look up. The sky and clouds above me were as if an alien space ship had arrived and decided to hover over us. The clouds were so HUGE and the colors and shapes and the movements surreal and seemed so close - I wanted to stand on my tippy toes and run my hands across them! I tried to capture the moment with my cell phone camera (see above) but without a panaramic lens it just doesn't do it justice.

Oh well, I am so happy to be back home here ocean-side and can see a long chain of dark, menacing but amazing mountainous clouds passing by and I now know where much of the inspiration for my paintings comes if I didn't know...I guess I just didn't remember. Or maybe these cloud formations are due to tropical storm Danielle building out in the Atlantic? Hmm...better go check the weather channel. Java! 
P.S. Take a moment and go outside and look up! And if you have clear skies tonight, check out the full moon. 
P.S.S. Just learned I do have Ovation TV....watching Art Race! 

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