Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Strength of Weeds

Cracks in Our Cement, watercolor, c sullivan

I was walking Lucy yesterday and while stopped to let her nose explore the base of a tree I looked down and was struck by the beauty of the shapes and colors of a large slab of cracked cement before me. The large patch of exposed dark earth was riddled with all number of small, crumbling, off-white cement pieces while a few dark green weeds popped through creating a beautiful and natural man vs mother nature composition. It made me ponder on our own personal cracked cement created mostly in a similar manner as our soul is most exposed through the prism of our foibles and within them also shines our unique and wonderful beauty.  

This thought was going through my head in the studio yesterday and while I couldn't quite accomplish what I set out to do while looking at the pieces now there are a few weeds popping out at me, pushing me to continue. Sometimes that's all we need. I hope you are able to see the beauty within your own cracked cement and remember to praise the strength in the glorious weeds shining through. Java!


  1. Just incredible... speechless... far better than Picasso...


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