Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Having A Plan Does Help

First Step: the "under painting" for oil on canvas 48 x 36" 
I completed two under paintings today. This approach is relatively new to me. I still like to hang a large blank canvas on the wall and spend time building my paints and colors on the palette and then "have at it." But I am finding that spending a bit of time actually sketching out the composition on paper and then sketching on the canvas followed by painting a tonal study with one color does help keep me focused. Sometimes it changes my mark making as I'm "painting inside the lines" vs working in and around and through the lines while I create them but in both cases I fall into the passion of the subject matter and the colors and get lost in the physicality of the painting itself. Which is truly where the fun can be found.

I probably stick to the composition of the underpainting more often than not but then just as often follow it up with a complete and passionate over painting. I'm not sure which I love more but as someone said to me early in the game, "why would you want to know where you are going before you get there? What fun would that be!?!" We'll see. We'll see. Brush on!

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