Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peaceful Winds in Purple

c.sullivan, "Peaceful Winds" - Oil on Canvas 40 x 30"

After a two week unexpected hiatus I am excited to be back in the studio working on a number of new paintings. But now I must keep a promise of first finishing a number of half-finished pieces before I dive into any more new ones. The above is one such painting. It had wonderful circles in the sky to play off the three wind turbines in the lower right but the composition wasn't working. So yesterday, after staring at if for nearly 45 minutes, I decided to experiment with a new palette using greys, magentas and pink and got out my palette knife and away I went.  At first it was with a more conscious effort and then the yellowfish kicked in and I was lost in the painting for a few hours. When I put my knife down I instantly liked the change and especially the vibrant color. But when I came back to the studio today I wasn't convinced that it is "there" yet and so it sits...again.  

Isn't it funny that as soon as you seem to get to a place where the work has a consistent style and comfort zone we want to move on and try new things? But this is how the journey goes in all disciplines. How else to continue learning but to embrace change!?! Brush on!

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