Sunday, March 13, 2011

SECCA Tree Studios Grand Opening Was A Blast!

What a wonderful grand opening last night! You could feel the excitement in the air as the crowds steadily grew and spilled into each of the galleries and studios. There were times you literally could not move and getting from one place to another took patience but no one seemed to mind and even the kids enjoyed themselves. I met lots of great people and appreciated all of the support and positive comments I received. Unfortunately, since I was talking most of the night (who, me?), I didn't take many photos but here are a few of my studio before the party and a few during of friends.  While many long and tiring days by many, many people went into pulling everything together it is truly amazing to be a part of the growth of the arts in Palm Coast and especially gratifying to see the long discussed vision of JJ Graham come to fruition and with such success. Please feel free to stop by to say hello while I...brush on! - cs

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