Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Attempt At Plan B

Hi there! I have received a few emails wondering "where I've been" as I have not been blogging, golfing or out in public much if at all this year. Well, first let me say thank you for noticing and for the supportive emails and comments I continue to receive. And to answer the question, Yes, I have been and will continue to be "under the radar" or better said "off the radar" as I continue to lock myself in my studio for the final push before my upcoming show.

Another reason is that I still do not have my camera. And this clogs the blog drain as posting articles related to any progress or set backs of my work just doesn't work without images. So today I am posting a painting in progress using my cell phone camera.  And I am quick to add that I do not own an iPhone or one of the latest phones that take just as good if not better pictures than most digital cameras.

But the lessen here goes much deeper.

Last November, while leaving my parents house on Cape Cod after a 27-day stint to help clear it out before it went on the market, I had my SUV packed to the gills and even after scouring the house to be sure I "had everything" I unknowingly left two very valuable camera components buried in a kitchen cabinet: (1) the power cord, which is mandatory to recharge the batteries/use the camera and (2) the usb cord, which is mandatory to transfer the digital images from camera to my computer.  Oops!

Many weeks later my sweet 90 year plus 1 dad went back over to the house to look for them and somehow found the black camera bag and cords in one of the cabinets and mailed them to me. Yeah! But, when I opened the box, only the usb cord was there. No power cord. So what does a girl do? Go to plan B.

MacMillan Wharf (P'Town) 30 x 40" Oil

But the B, trying to convince my dear husband that it would just be easier to purchase a new, small, inexpensive digital camera at Staples, wasn't working either.  You see my family has gone through a number of digital cameras over the years. Some were lost (dad I'm positive I didn't leave it at so-and-so's house - we found it years later), some mistreated as in oops it fell in the pool! or oops it was stolen out of our car (it was a rainy day when we somehow forgot to lock it)...and one just outlived its usefulness close to our daughter's birthday (oh come ON Dad, 1 megapixel cameras just don't cut it in a world of 5 megapixels!?!).

Now back up to just three years ago when I was a proud mom in full panic mode before our daughter's high school graduation just after discovering our video camera, purchased when she was born (!), had crapped out - my loving husband spent a good deal of change on a new video camera that also takes still pictures and is what I have been using to take photos for posting on the web & blog ever since. 

And so you see my dilemma, here we are again, staring down another oops! left the cords at my parents house dear (insert me smiling at said husband with an angel halo over me) situation. But I haven't given up yet. I mean as recent as last week, in one more attempt at Plan B, I was explaining to my husband how even the cheapest cameras are now 12 meg and that since the video camera "only takes 4 meg" don't you think it would be worth it to just buy a new one? Honey? Honey??? Oh geeze, he left hours ago.

Oops. Get the picture?

P.S. You are cordially invited to the reception & opening of my solo show, "The Clothesline Project" at Hollingsworth Gallery in Palm Coast, FL on April 14th from 6 - 9PM. 

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