Friday, May 4, 2012


Post-art show blues? Not happening! Much like the tides I am in a wonderful wave of daily painting and it seems unnatural to be away from the studio for more than a day. And so I need to set new goals and in that vein I have started a new series of boat paintings. The above “Sea Fence" 36 x 48" oil on canvas is one example revealing a slightly new approach whereby I allow portions of my initial charcoal sketch to remain. 
I'm also drawing over the paint and having fun with the marks that creates. I'm also (gasp) leaving some of the canvas raw. Here I painted the sides of the boat white but left the fence posts raw white canvas as the pencil marks added another element and created nice shapes and bleeds against the painted surface. 
God I love painting. I love handling the canvas, now so comforting and comfortable in my hands, and embrace a now overflowing studio filled with completed works from my recent show, a number of new works in progress and a hand-full of newly stretched canvas patiently waiting for me to...brush on!
P.S. Hope whereever you live that you are able to see and enjoy the SUPER MOON tomorrow evening.  I'll be down at the beach drinking in the moon rise with a glass of chard whilst the SUPER TIDE rushes up and around my ankles. Ahhh. The salt life!