Saturday, September 11, 2010

Souls of September

No matter how many Septembers I come face-to-face with I am still caught off guard by her ability to sneak up on and then smack me in the head. You know the feeling. It seems summer has just arrived and then you notice out of the corner of your eye that school supply aisles started to pop up and then just as quickly appeared windswept and toppled. Then you are driving down the highway when you notice the car that just sped by you is filled to the brim with personal belongings and instantly you find yourself remembering that first trip off to college or that big move you made for a new job. And there you sit with your thoughts when that BIG September question drops in your lap, "Where is time going and why can't  I slow--it---dowwwwnnnnn?!?"

So here we are in September. Our faces in the strong winds thinking about our lives, our past, those we have lost and try to wrap our heads around the fact that another year is almost over. Then it's September 11th. And that feeling knots within our heart as we ache for all of the souls lost on this fateful day. Then without being asked we find the strength to raise our internal and external American flags and share our grief as well as our pride with our family, our neighbors and friends near and far. Let us never forget.

And I imagine lots of remembering and reflecting is taking place in many home towns across our great country and here in Palm Coast it is no different as local artists donated works created to honor first responders, soldiers and those lost on September 11th to the Flagler County Art League's new art show entitled, A Hero's Call which opens today with a reception from 4 - 7pm. They are also celebrating their new home at City Walk in Palm Coast just a few doors down from Hollingsworth Gallery where you can catch their amazing show entitled, Music is the Muse and relax with family and friends at the encore artist reception from 5 - 9pm.

What a great way to remember and honor all heroes working both here and abroad than by getting out and enjoying great art and conversations with friends, family and fellow artists. See you there!

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