Monday, April 2, 2012

Preparing to Leave, to Show

The paintings are complete and now it is time to prepare them for their exhibition. This includes the cleaning up of the details, the signing, framing and wiring the backs. As there are more than thirty new paintings this will take some time this week. And some patience as I still want to continue to paint but it is time to prepare these to leave the nest.  As I handle them now it is also a time to reflect on each piece, how much I enjoyed painting them, what I learned from each and to wonder where they may find themselves in the years to come. 
I have often been asked, “Chris, don’t you get attached to your paintings and hate to sell them?”  The answer is no...with a little hesitant yes, but then a firm no. The goal as a painter is to create a painting and then see it released out into the world for others to enjoy while I...brush on!

Reminder that the opening reception for my upcoming show is Saturday, April 14 from 6 - 9pm at Hollingsworth Gallery located on the 2nd Level of City Marketplace in Palm Coast, FL. Come enjoy the show, some wine and light eats as well as live music by the Flagler Youth String Quartet. See you there!
Above: Weathering Time, 2012, 44 x 52” Oil on Canvas

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