Friday, July 22, 2011

Lucian Freud: 12/8/22 – 7/20/2011

Another of the world's great painters leaves us for the big studio in the sky. RIP Lucian, you will be sorely missed but the marks you leave behind have changed and will continue to change the art world for all time.

P.S. I studied Lucian's work intensely during my portrait painting master class but when I saw his work in person last Fall during Art Basel...I was mesmerized. His work is stunningly beautiful, especially his nudes (aka his nakeds) which seemed to rise above all else. His brush work, mark making and paint application spoke volumes as to his love of paint. Here are a few of his portraits to share in his honor...

For more on Lucian Freud and his work here's part 1 of his documentary found on YouTube. Brush on!


  1. Very nice however, the painting of the two babies is a Jenny Saville painting and not Lucian Freud.


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